Lost Pirate

The Lost Pirate of Blackbeard’s Golden Age

Edward Robinson lived a life of high adventure alongside history’s most infamous pirates. But was he really a murderous sea-robber, and did he deserve his brutal fate? Adaptated from the ebook Sins Dyed In Blood: The Lost Pirate of Blackbeard’s Golden Age, this feature article was published in Expost Magazine at Medium.

It was just after sunset on an August evening in 1718, and something was approaching through the twilight. The sloop the Francis had come to anchor in Delaware Bay, on the north-eastern seaboard of America. The single-masted Francis and its small crew would wait out the ebb tide before completing their journey from Antigua to Boston. The sloop’s first mate, James Killing, peered over the water. “There’s a canoe-a-coming,” he said. “I wish they be friends.” The busy trading routes that brought goods and people to the colonies were patrolled by sea-robbers, and the sloop was only lightly armed. Every trader was fearful of pirates.

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